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On-Site Water Protection Branch

On-Site Wastewater Treatment and Dispersal Systems Program Resources

See also: Private Water Supply Wells Program Resources

The On-Site Wastewater Treatment and Dispersal Systems Program resources page comprises much of the wastewater information the Branch provides to local health departments and other clients.

This resources page comprises:

  • Current laws and rules
  • Previous versions of the laws and rules
  • QA Toolkit - Wastewater
  • Sample Forms, Letters, and Publications
  • Manpower Studies
  • Design aids
  • Links to resources from other organizations and agencies
  • Homeowner materials
  • County activity reports (which provide information on the number and type of permits issued by the local health departments).

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Laws and Rules - Updated 09/27/16

Provided below are the North Carolina laws and rules that apply to the On-Site Water Protection Branch.

Engineer Option Permit

Draft Rules

The On-Site Water Protection Branch is drafting revisions to the .1900 rules governing sewage treatment and dispersal systems. The Branch has not yet started the formal rule making process but is reaching out to stakeholders to solicit their input during the rule drafting stage. Below is the list of .1900 rules and related documents with an explanation of the nature of each document:

If you would like to provide comments on the draft rules, please fill out the Rule Review Comments Template and send your comments to Tricia Angoli.

Current Laws and Rules

Previous Versions of Laws and Rules

Permit Extension

QA Toolkit -- Wastewater - Updated 08/17/16

Sample Forms, Letters, and Publications - Updated 08/17/16

Manpower Studies

Information is undergoing review.

Design Aids


Homeowner Materials and Research

 County On-Site Activity Reports

On-Site Water Protection Branch Information