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Centralized Intern Training and Authorization

Distance Learning

The two CIT training tracks, Food Protection and Facilities and On-Site Wastewater, both include a distance learning portion that must be completed before attending the classroom sessions. On the first day of class there will be a closed-book pre-test covering the distance education course materials of the track you are attending.

All distance education materials are linked below under the Food Protection and Facilities or the On-Site Wastewater track. Most files are PowerPoint or Adobe PDF. If you are taking the FPF track you will find the FDA ORAU materials are available on the Kaplan Eduneering site. You must first register to obtain login credentials.


  1. Which materials do I need to review before I attend the classroom sessions? All of them within the particular track that you will be attending. 
  2. How long do you suggest I allow to review the materials? Each track and the required training checklists should take approximately ten days to review.
  3. Will I have access to the materials during the tests? Are the tests open-book? No, both the pre and post-CIT tests are closed-book.
  4. Are the tests comprehensive? The tests are comprehensive to the areas of training that the track covers.

Pre-CIT Exam Policy

On the first day of class, you will be tested on the distance education course materials with a closed-book test.

General Module

Please review the materials below prior to class.


Please review the materials below prior to class for the track you will be attending.

Food Protection and Facilities Track Materials

U.S. Food and Drug Administration Office of Regulatory Affairs / FDA ORAU Training

Review the following courses available on the Kaplan Eduneering website external link. (Note: You must register for an account external link first - a user id, password, and company code are required. Please submit the registration request as soon as possible to avoid any delay obtaining your password. Registration is not immediate; it requires submission of an online form and approval.)

Foodborne Illnesses - Review the information for the links provided for the infectious agents listed below.

FPF Introductory Topics

FPF Topics

FPF Related Topics

On-Site Wastewater Track Materials

Why Treat Wastewater?

Wastewater Characteristics and Design Flaws

On-Site Wastewater Technologies

Soils Overview

Centralized Intern Training (CIT) Information







Updated: January 10, 2020