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North Carolina Food Code Annexes (Policy-Related Documents)

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Annex 1-1: Title, Intent, Scope

Annex 1-2: Definitions

Annex 2-1: Supervision

Annex 2-2: Employee Health

Annex 2-3: Personal Cleanliness

Annex 2-4: Hygienic Practices

Annex 3-1: Characteristics

Annex 3-2: Sources, Specifications, Original Containers and Records

Annex 3-3: Protection from Contamination After Receiving

Annex 3-4: Destruction of Organisms of Public Health Concern

Annex 3-5: Limitation of Growth of Organisms of Public Health Concern

Annex 3-6: Food Identity, Presentation and On-premises Labeling

Annex 3-7: Contaminated Food

Annex 3-8: Special Requirements for Highly-Susceptible Populations

Annex 4-1: Materials for Construction and Repair

Annex 4-2: Design and Construction

Annex 4-3: Numbers and Capacities

Annex 4-4: Location and Installation

Annex 4-5: Maintenance and Operation

Annex 4-6: Cleaning of Equipment and Utensils

Annex 4-7: Sanitization of Equipment and Utensils

Annex 4-8: Laundering

Annex 4-9: Protection of Clean Items

Annex 5-1: Water

Annex 5-2: Plumbing System

Annex 5-3: Mobile Water Tank and Mobile Food Establishment Water Tank

Annex 5-4: Sewage, Other Liquid Waste and Rainwater

Annex 5-5: Refuse, Recyclables and Returnables

Annex 6-1: Materials for Construction and Repair

Annex 6-2: Design, Construction, and Installation

Annex 6-3: Numbers and Capacities

Annex 6-4: Location and Placement

Annex 6-5: Maintenance and Operation

Annex 7-1: Labeling and Identification

Annex 7-2: Operational Supplies and Applications

Annex 7-3: Stock and Retail Sale

Annex 8-1: Code Applicability

Annex 8-2: Plan Submission and Approval

Annex 8-3: Permit to Operate

Annex 8-4: Inspection and Correction of Violations

Annex 8-5: Preventing Foodborne Disease Transmission by Employees

Annexes Related to NC G.S. 130A 247 - 250

Annex 15A NCAC 18A .2600

Food Protection Information